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The Cruising Club of America has taken over Pilot Press and the 4 cruising guides to the Canadian Maritimes that Pilot Press has been producing for many decades. This includes these update pages which can now be located at this link: https://cruisingclub.org/book/ccaguides

The Pilot Press site will be wiped clean and used for other purposes in March 2020.

The Cruising Guide to The Labrador

Updates from the Summer of 2018

The current edition of the Cruising Guide to the Labrador is dated February 2018.

Fin Perry, the editor of The Cruising Guide to The Labrador, provides this synopsis of the Labrador coast; cruising from Greenland south.

Towle’s Hideaway (page 12)
Locals say the passage to the NE of Ile Cumberland into Baie Robin is only used at high tide by outboards! See note to same on page 16.

Battle Harbour B-25

The new wharf project started in 2018 was miraculously completed in one season. A new “U”-shaped wharf is now in place providing an excellent lee in its southerly “basin”, as well as dockage on the northerly el in normal summer weather. We are advised that work on the older southerly wharf will continue in summer 2019, so that wharf may be unavailable to yachts at times. But be assured, Battle Harbour is anxious to welcome yachts back to this interesting port with its brand new (yet very traditional) wharf.

New wharf schematic
A pre-2018 view with the approximate location and layout of the new wharf "painted in." 

Battle Harbour wharf Battle Harbour wharf Battle Harbour wharf
Photos taken in September 2018, from water level, of the new wharfs.

Battle Harbour wharf Battle Harbour wharf Above and below, 2018 photos showing the new wharf as built. Battle Harbour wharf

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